The Decouverte (Discovery) property of over 51km(2), is located 100km north of Chibougamau in the Frotet – Evans greenstone belt. Durango carried out a 439 line kilometer helicopter borne DIGHEM EM/magnetic airborne geophysical survey on the property in 2011 (NR Nov 24, 2011). The property benefits from very favorable infrastructure including road accessibility (within 10km of Route du Nord and a myriad of logging roads), and a power line which bisects the property.

The Decouverte mineralized target area is located to the east of Lac Pasquale and consists of two significant aero-magnetic anomalies, with some electromagnetic coincidence possibly associated with linear structural features, in the Frotet-Evans greenstone belt. Target 1 consists of a cluster of three east-west trending anomalies with a strike length of four kilometres. A second airborne magnetic anomaly (Target 2), which was staked recently and has not been explored by Durango, consists of a cluster of medium intensity anomalies 4km long and 2km wide, located in the northeast part of the property.

Target 1 shows good correlation between metasedimentary units, positive magnetic anomalies, which are possibly related to mafic to ultramafic geological units, a linear zone of low resistivity, and gold in soil anomalies. In 2013 eighty (80) plus outcrops were mapped on the property with sixty (60) described as amphibolites and basalt, both mafic units with strong iron content, which could provide good hosts for shear related gold mineralization. Widespread carbonate alteration and bleaching (alteration) of the host rocks has also been noted. In the central part of the property (to the E and ESE of Pasquale Lake) white to pink pegmatititic granite and metasedimentary units are more abundant.

Three hundred and forty three (343) soil samples were taken at 100 metre spacing in 2013 across target areas identified in a 2011 Fugro airborne magnetic / electromagnetic survey. The most significant soil values were 180 ppb Au, 0.66 ppm Ag, 150 ppm Ni, 200 ppm Cu and 240 ppm Ba. No follow up has evaluated the soil results. The nickel in soils may indicate metavolcanic to ultramafic units. The gold, silver, copper and zinc mineralization is hosted in the metavolcanics near the contact with the metasedimentary units. Carbonate alteration is widely dispersed in the main target areas.